Writing a Photo Essay

Writing a Photo Essay

Photo Essay Topics

Some people believe that you can only write a photo essay if you have an image to discuss. However, this is not always true because you can consider photo essay topics without an image specimen. Our article for today will concentrate on choosing a photo essay topic.

A photo essay is an article that will discuss something about photos, images or photography. But in order for you to have a good topic for this essay, you should be creative and imaginative enough to consider other discussion parameters. As an obvious case, students will simply look for a photo and then write an essay on it. This should not be a restrictive goal for you. There are many ways for you to write an essay about photos without using a specimen.

  1. First, you can photo essay topics on a given picture. This is the most popular way to write a photo essay. You will use a certain image and then describe the photo on how it appeals to you. For example, you will talk about its colors, the objects in the photo or about the technical specifications of the material. It is also possible to interpret the meaning of the photo and then discuss it in your essay. Talk about how it affects you and what your feelings are when looking at the image.
  2. Second, you can have photo essay topics about taking good photos. Of course, you can talk about this in your essay because it is still a part of the general photo topic. If you have some technical skills in taking pictures, then you can write about it in an essay. For example, you may teach your readers how to take photos during sports events where every subject is erratically moving. Or you can discuss how to take pictures of very small objects using the macro function of cameras.
  3. Third, discuss photo essay topics about the technical aspects of a camera and photo printing or developing. This type of an essay may extract all your knowledge about equipment and tools for photography. However, it is worth the try because you can share your passion and knowledge about pictures and things that relate to using cameras. If you are not that confident with what you are going to say, then you may also use some reliable third party sources of info.

As you can see, photo essay topics are varied and they do not necessarily mean you have to use a photo sample to write an essay. You should be imaginative enough to choose topics that still relate to photos and photography. This way, you can expand your discussion horizons and let your readers benefit from what you know.

Parts of an Essay

The very start of the essay writing process deals with the selection of the topic. You need a subject to begin your discussions. Next, you have to create a thesis statement that will become the foundation of your essay. Afterward, gathering resource materials should be a priority because you need to establish the results of your research. Then you can start writing the essay. For some students, dealing with the parts of an essay is the most difficult one. It is because a big portion of the writing task concentrates on composing the different segments of the essay. Therefore, we will talk about these parts.

There are at least three basic parts for an essay. We will simply talk about the major essay contents. The first part of the essay is the introduction. What is the purpose of this paragraph? The intro provides the background of the topic. It gives the readers what the essay topic is all about. Therefore, it is at the main platform to introduce the subject to the readers. In the introduction part, we can see three sub-portions. The first one is the essay hook. This is the first sentence that intends to entice the readers to read the paper. The second phase is the introduction of the topic. The third part is the thesis statement.

In the middle of the entire essay, you need to compose one or more paragraph structures. These parts are what will constitute the body. The body parts will become the main platform to discuss the topic. What it can do is to elaborate on the subject scope so the readers will have a better understanding of what the article is all about. You can divide the body into several parts according to your style of writing. There are no limits to the number of paragraphs that you wish to include as long as you find it necessary.

The last of the parts of an essay is the conclusion. This is the final segment where the discussion in the essay will culminate. Again, the conclusion paragraph contains at least three parts or phases. The first one is the summary of the entire essay. The second part is the resolution to the problems statement. This is essential especially if you have a question in your thesis statement. The last one may be optional. You can provide some recommendations to your readers if you think your essay discussions are limited or insufficient.